Who has visited your site? What is their geographical location? What were they interested in, and how did they generally react to your content? These are questions we often ask ourselves as we try to measure the impact that our blogs have on our target audiences. Google analytics is a FREE platform that enables us to gauge the exact amount of influence that we have online.

The Importance of Google Analytics for Your Website

It provides you with trackable results, effectively answering the 5 W’s and 1 H. We are talking Why, What, Where, When, Who and How.

Who Is Your Site Visitor?

This is an important aspect that helps you with customizing your website according to your visitor’s needs. For instance, google analytics shows you what type of device the are using, their screen resolution right down to whether their devices have flash support. If for example most of them cannot view content that needs flash support, you would effectively adjust your content to reach them in the best way possible.

Why Are They on Your Site?

You would know this by gauging the most frequented pages.

What Are They Interested In?

You can easily track how they manoeuvre about and the content that attracted them. You are also able to measure the bounce rate, which simply means the number of people that entered your site and immediately left. With this information you are able to increase the number of site visitors who stay for a long period of time.

When Did They Visit Your Site?

This helps you with scheduling your posts so that they match the time when traffic is at its optimum on your site.

Where Did They Come From?

Was is from search engines? Referrals? Social media? Knowing where the majority of your traffic comes from helps with knowing where to focus your energies. This way, you can keep them coming back while trying to attract visitors through other channels as well.

How Did Your Audience React to Your Content?

Google Analytics breaks down the numbers for you. How manypeople were interested in your blog? Which posts did they like most? Which links interested them? When you arm yourself with this vital information you can easily tailor content for your specific audience, effectively solidifying yourself as a go to source of answers.

Google Analytics: How to Sign Up

Step 1. Create your account on the Google Analytics official sign up page.
Havea gmail account? You can just use it to sign in instead.

Step 2. Once you’re signed in with Gmail, they will direct you to the Analytics sign up page.

Step 3. You will be taken to a screen that has two options, website and mobile app. Select website.
Google is currently offering two accounts:
– The Universal Analytics

– The Classic Analytics Account
You may go for either. Choosing Classic Analytics means that you will enjoy some new features that are not in the Universal Account.

The rest of the page requires simple information, like your website URL, time zone, location, name, etc.

Once you are done filling your information on all the given slots, click on the ‘Get Tracking ID’ button. Agree to Google’s terms and conditions then proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Copy your given tracking ID code for use later on your WordPress site. Remember to leave the Google Analytics page open because you will be back on this page after a successful installation of Google Analytics on your website.

Google Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Installation

You could use either of these three procedures:

> Copy the code, then paste it on your website’s header.

> Paste the code into an Analytics plugin’s setting up page. We mostly recommend this method, since there are several plugins at your disposal that would easily perform the installation for you. A simple plugin like ‘Insert header and footer’ would do just fine.

> The functions.php method is only for those who are experienced with Google Analytics. It involves pasting your code directly to your theme’s functions.php file.

Give it a day or so and Google will start tracking results and provide you with the much needed stats for your site.

Remember, this is not for sites that are free on WordPress, it only works for self hosted WordPress.org sites. Perhaps its time for an upgrade? Contact us at Chicklet Marketing, we shall be happy to help you set up your self hosted WordPress site for free.

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